Bud Smith Guitarist Budd Smith (aka Budman), joined the music world as a young pup, when his dad ìSmittyî, purchased Buddís first guitar for $125.00 with his last unemployment check. (a used 1962 Fender Stratocaster).This was during the ìBritish Invasionî of bands like The Beatles, Dave Clark Five, Rolling Stones, and many more.

Budd performed throughout Wisconsin as lead guitarist for Friday and the Weekends. They did shows with The Cryan Shames, Buckinghams, New Colony Six, Outsiders, and WOKY radio personality Bob Barry.

After serving in the military, Budd went on to perform with a Chicago area band before joining the Bottom Line Band in Milwaukee, led by Gary Siegman, a current member of Room To Move.

His most rewarding experiences have been performing at Du Page Convalescent Center, Marianjoy, and other hospitals and assisted care centers.

Budd is referenced in the book ìON THAT WISCONSIN BEATî, by Gary Meyers, published
in 2006.