Rock & Roll Bob Treml – Has Moved On
Bob joined the original band name “SOUND INVESTMENT in 1983 and name evolution into
“ROOM to MOVE” in 2005. John and Bob have been close friends and performing together
for over 37 years. Bob will always be a close
friend and part of John’s family.

In early 2020 with the pandemic, every bands
performances being affected by the unknown
future, Bob decided it was a good time to step
away to enjoy retirement with Lois, travel, his
families home on the lake up North and
enjoying his next chapter in music personally.
All Room to Move bandmates are happy for
Bob knows, he is always welcome to join us
on stage as every past member does.

In 2020 we were excited to have the incredible
guitar and vocal talents of Gary Siegman and
Bud Smith, join Room to Move.They both have
brought all our old and new fans the next exciting
chapter of Room to Move.