Rick Miszewski (bass) Started playing bass at 19 years old In the Elvis tribute band “G.L. Wesley and the Days Gone Bye”(Rick met his wife in this band). Moved on to the band called “Traveler” out of South Milwaukee. Three of the band members started the band “Out of the Blue” a few years later. The band played good ol’ Rock and Roll with a fifties look about them. Tragedy hit when two members had been killed in a car accident.

Rick spent most of his band years with the band “Ransome” which became ” Bottom Line” after a few member changes. In 2003 Rick began doing studio “originals” on the side, which turned into a full time commitment in 2008. He pursued his “Rock” career with the band called “JAGER” complete with radio performances; big stage shows and produced a great CD. The band had a great run.

Rick continually brings his love of music, talent, humor to “Room To Move” and our friends, Family and fans!